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A man's gift opens doors for him, and brings him into the presence of great people.  (Proverbs 18:16)

For bookings and Inquiries 

DARB Talent Mgmt

Daniel A - Mgr & Publicist 

Office: 916.753.3814; 310.531.0145



Robert Foster

Teacher / 3 Times World Showdance Champion

“It is not hard to teach someone like you that has such a passion for life and a deep appreciation for those around you, I feel very humbled and honored. Michael Adegoke you are a amazing force of life!” 

Randy Jackson

American singer-songwriter, musician and dancer

"Lani Misalucha can sing, but you and Tessa are the show. I really enjoyed watching you performing tonight"

Dean Maragos 

VP of Valley D Arts Minnesota

"Michael, I took over the dance floor in Miami. My friends could not believe I was dancing salsa. They like bro, who taught you how to dance? I told them I took lessons from the professional Michael Adaaa-gokay who is one of da best teachers ever! 


Singer, songwriter, businessman, record producer

"So good to see another brother doing his thing/ I am very proud of you and thanks for coming on tour with me. We'll work together again"

Patrick Kilpatrick

Actor, Producer and Director

"We are talking about champions before, this gentleman isa world champion dancer, one of the main superstars from around the world.  I want to thank him for performing at our show today"


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